Training FAQs

What do I need to bring to a training class?

When joining us for a class, you will need some of your dog's favourite smelly treats, as well as a standard lead (no extendable/"flexi" leads. For your first session, please bring along your dog's up to date vaccination card. We will then give you a free training membership card with us, so you don't have to bring important vet documents each visit.

I have two dogs. Can I bring them both to a training class?

Yes you can, but you will only be able to handle one dog at a time, so please bring a friend with you or book a 1-2-1 lesson to work on both dogs together.

I don't know what class is best for my dog?

We are always happy to help, so please ask if you are unsure. If you have a specific issue you want to work on, or lots of questions, a 1-2-1 session will give you 30 minutes with an instructor to go through anything you like. It's always a great starting place, and a great chance for us to get to know your canine companion!

My dog is nervous around new people/ dogs. Is it is OK for me to book a group session?

If your dog gets nervous or extremely overexcited  around lots of new people/ dogs, it might be best to ease into training by booking a private session first.

Does my dog have to have the kennel cough vaccination to join classes?

No, although the kennel cough vaccination is advisable, it is not essential. We ask that all dogs have received their annual booster jab.

I would like my child to be involved in training their dog. Is this possible?

Yes, we encourage families to train their dog together, however children must be accompanied by an adult and train an appropriate sized dog for them to handle safely.

I'm being asked to 'Join Wait List' What does this mean?

If you are trying to book a training session with us and receive this message, it means that the class is full. But not to worry, by joining our wait list, we will inform you if any spaces become available so you can book on and join.

My dog is in season. Can they join a group class?

We do not advise dogs in season to join our group classes.