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Puppy Training

Here at The Dog Barn, we love nothing more than watching your pup's training develop during those challenging first few months. We have a team of passionate and experienced trainers who are here to help with your puppy dilemmas - from house training, socialisation, obedience and beyond.

Browse our classes and let your new addition join our ever-growing community.

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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Pre-School is a 8 week course incorporating The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment. This popular course is perfect for young puppies and first time puppy owners.

Puppy Pre-School aims to offer help and advice for all your puppy needs and teach you all about puppy training! From food, treats, to house training and sleeping through the night, Puppy Pre-School is here to help.

This group is aimed at puppies aged 5 months and under, and offers the opportunity for off lead play and socialisation with other pups on our exercise field under the supervision of our trainers.

The price is £65 for the 8 week course. Please remember, to join in training classes you must bring your up to date membership card to each class or your dogs up to date vaccination record to when registering.


Puppy Playtime

For in between those focused training sessions, we welcome your puppy to join our Playtime sessions! This is a great chance for your dog to burn off some energy and socialise with dogs of a similar age and size. Your dog can freely mix with others and enjoy playing either on or off lead. Playtime is always supervised by our marshals and training instructors. Please bring along your dog's up to date vaccination record on your first visit.