Meet the training team!



I have been a part of The Dog Barn from the very beginning and really enjoy helping people understand their dogs better and achieve their goals. I am lucky enough to work with a wide variety of dogs and owners over the years! So whether you are just starting out with a brand new pup, helping settle in a new rescue dog or have a dog with a reactive issue - I am happy to help.

I teach a lot of the group classes ranging from Puppy Preschool through to the Advanced Obedience class. I am also a qualified Kennel Club Examiner and very passionate about teaching 1-2-1 lessons.

Dogs are my life, I love working with them and spend my time researching everything to do with dogs! From new training methods, nutrition and everything in between.

I currently own a 4 year old Border Collie named Omelette. We both enjoy competing in obedience competitions. We also enjoy trick training. She regularly helps me with group and 1-2-1 lessons. Omelette loves training and is always happy to help. Next is my lovely Labrador Wibble, she has completed basic gun dog training and enjoys fun Agility, Flyball and she also loves dock diving. Then there is the boss of the bunch, little Noggin the Chihuahua. She has done basic obedience and trick training and really enjoys keeping everyone in check. Pamelaaa is the latest pup to join the pack. She is a working line Golden Retriever and has only just started her obedience training. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and will hopefully compete in obedience in the future. She will hopefully help out in demo training classes here at The Dog Barn - watch this space!



I have been an instructor at The Dog Barn for over three 3 years, I am really passionate about helping people improve their relationship with their canine companion by gaining a better understanding of them.

I have studied with the IMDT and The School of Canine Sciences among others, and have qualifications in canine psychology, behaviour and training. I also have specialist qualifications in canine anxiety, aggression and rehabilitation. I avidly pursue ongoing education and professional development by attending courses and seminars - I enjoy keeping up to date with all the new industry literature too.

Currently I have three dogs, two white German Shepherds - Curly Sue and Koda, as well as my Keeshond, Alaska. Curly Sue is 6 years old and loves Flyball, dock diving and obedience training. Koda is 4 and started life as a very nervous puppy who was scared of his own shadow. He would react to dogs, people - even a crisp packet blowing past! However, Koda now is a model citizen who proudly struts past dogs and people without a second glance. Alaska is a great big ball of fluff who has the drive of a working collie, she loves taking part in Agility and to show off in Obedience displays.

Paul originally came to The Dog Barn to train his own dogs. He got the training bug and become a qualified dog training instructor. Paul has always trained his own German Shepherds. However, when his daughter chose a Keeshound as her first dog, this meant that Paul had to adapt and learn to train different breeds, he really enjoys the challenges that each breed brings. He loves working with owners to help unlock the dog's potential, and believes no problem is too big if you are prepared to put in the work and time. 

Paul works with a lot of puppies, as it is so important that the dogs and owners start off on a positive training journey together. Paul also enjoys taking 1-2-1 classes to help with problems big and small, always working at the dog and owner's pace!



Margaret has two Cocker Spaniels and Cocker X Terrier, they all have very different characters but all three love training sessions. Margaret particularly enjoys trick training and really loves helping others have fun with their dog. She has been a trainer here at The Dog Barn for many years, also enjoys choreographing Hilla display work shows as well as the displays that our training classes do.

Margaret enjoys teaching Agility, not only because dogs love it as much as their handlers do, but also because it helps to build trust. She finds that Agility classes are particularly rewarding for rescue dogs, as it helps to build confidence for nervous pups, and even owners! Margaret believes that with a waggy tail, anything is possible.