Puppy Preschool

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Puppy Pre-School 8 week course incorporating The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment.Perfect for young puppies and first time puppy owners, Puppy Pre-School aims to offer help and advice for all your puppy needs and teach you all about puppy training! From food and treats to house training and sleeping through the night. Puppy Pre-School is aimed at puppies aged 5 months and under and offers the opportunity for off lead play and socialisation with other pups on our exercise field under the supervision of our trainer. The price is £65 for the 8 week course. Please remember, to join in training classes you must bring your up to date membership card to each class or your dogs up to date vaccination record to when registering.

Key Skills Beginners


Taking place on our own private enclosed field, we aim to provide obedience and socialisation training in a realistic park setting. This class is aimed at dogs of all ages who are just starting out in training, whether they are young pups or older rescue dogs. The class includes an introduction to basic obedience commands and socialisation skills. The main objective of this class is to work on your dogs focus around distractions and name recognition to give them a solid foundation before moving on to a more advanced class and commands.

Key Skills Intermediate

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The next step up from the beginners class. This will help reinforce what you and your dog have already achieved whilst introducing more challenging activites such as distance commands and recall.

Advanced Obedience

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This class focuses on obedience commands in greater depth, allowing you and your dog to work as a team. Ideal for those looking to start competition level obedience.

Rally Obedience


Rally Obedience is a new and fun dog sport, which involves you and your dog working together as a team to complete a course of exercises displayed on signs. There are many exercises, which are divided into levels 1-6. These exercises include heel work, jumping, recall and control exercises. Rally Obedience is an excellent way to bond with your dog using positive training techniques. Working together to learn fun new skills, will also help you to have a well behaved dog. Rally Obedience is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. No experience is needed however, basic training would be beneficial. Please remember, to join in training classes you must bring your up to date membership card to each class or your dogs up to date vaccination record to when registering.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Award


The UK’s largest training programme promoting socially acceptable dogs and creating responsible owners. The Dog Barn is proud to have gained Kennel Club listed status and promote the values of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme through our training classes and assessments. These classes and awards are available to all dogs of any age whether they are Kennel Club registered or not. There are three levels to achieve which must be completed in the order Bronze, Silver and then Gold. We offer training for the Bronze and Silver Awards in pay as you go classes followed by an assessment by an independent examiner appointed by The Kennel Club when you have reached the required standard. It will usually take between 8 and 10 sessions to reach the level where you would be ready for assessment. After completing the Silver Award we can offer classes in smaller groups to work towards the Gold Award.

Fun Agility

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Agility training has a range of benefits for both you and your dog including helping improve your control of your dog, mental and physical stimulation for your dog and strengthen the relationship and team work between you and your dog. Open to dogs over 12 months old, no prior experience of agility training or equipment is required for either class though some basic obedience training is beneficial! Dogs need to be fully mature before starting agility training but everyone is welcome to come along and give it a try! Please remember, to join in training classes you must bring your up to date membership card to each class or your dogs up to date vaccination record to when registering.

One to One Training

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One to one training can help in many ways whether it is making dog ownership more fun and less stressful or opening doors to a world of activities and social situations that owning a well trained dog brings:
General training on specific problems such as recall, manners, lead pulling or energy management. Help focus dogs who are easily distracted. A consistent and reliable recall. Increasing the difficulty of work for dogs who have a basic understanding of obedience to build to a more advanced level. Improve confidence for nervous owners. Help with  dogs and owners who need a little more time and tuition than a group class can offer.

Advice Session

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Sundays @ 10am to 11.30am

If you are unsure where to begin, we hold free help and advice sessions every Sunday where you can book an appointment and have come along for a chat with one of our instructors. These sessions are helpful if you are new to dog ownership and are not sure where to begin, if you have specific issues that you would like to address that may not be covered in general training classes or if you are an experienced owner and would like to progress to a higher level. Also, if you have questions regarding problems around the home, in the park or anything else we will do our best to help and give as much advice as you need. There is no need to bring your dog if your dog isn't comfortable in new surroundings or around people or other dogs.

General Information

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Training Department Updates

Training classes are available to book. Please check regularly as classes will be updated and places made available in line with changing guidance.